Breugel’s I’m In Love Again

Miss Izzy aka Dizzy Izzy

Nov 8th, 2018

Miss Izzy was my pick female from Rose & Jules litter of 2018. My son took her under his wing and trained her.  Great job Jason.  She is such a sweet caring Bouvier. Miss Izzy is a very funny Bouvier as she decided this year she should start chasing balls, Frisbee or anything else that flies. She has produced some very typey pups. Two of which are in show homes and the male George is also being trained as a therapy dog.

Miss Izzy is an exemplary example of what a Bouvier should be.  Unfortunately she will not be shown due to the fact that the CKC breed standard specifies a docked tail.  it is illegal here in BC to crop and dock. Such a shame she will not earn a conformation title.

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