Explore my range of premium Bouvier des Flandres services, designed with care and dedication.


Discover my adorable Bouvier puppies bred with excellence and affection.

My puppies are raised in a loving home environment.

Each puppy comes from 5-star health-tested parents, which is why I can provide a 2-year written health guarantee.

Puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).


Experience my meticulous breeding program aimed at producing top-quality Bouviers.

I follow strict breeding standards to ensure healthy and well-tempered dogs. I exceed the CKC breeding ethics and the OFA suggested health testing.

My breeding practices prioritize the well-being of our Bouviers both mom and pups.

I strongly believe in outcrossing my lines to ensure gene diversity.


Get personalized advice and guidance on Bouvier care and ownership from me.

My consultations cover everything from grooming to training.

Benefit from my experience and knowledge in raising Bouviers.

I can help you decide if a Bouvier is the right breed for you. If not, I can help you find the breed that fits your lifestyle the best.

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