CAN CH Angelbrin Lola at Breugels

Miss Lola aka Loony Toon

Nov 27th, 2010 – June 15th 2021

Lola was my pick female from Angelbrin’s Echo x Gus litter of 2010. Lola is a bit of a momma’s girl, following me everywhere. When she was not my entourage, she loved to romp about and bounce as only Bouviers’ can when she sees her food dish coming or if you ask her if she wants to go for a D R I V E! Thank you to Shaunna Bernardin for showing Lola to her Canadian Championship for me. Lola took 9 Best of Breeds while on the road with Shaunna. Glad to have her home.

Miss Lola lived in Calgary with her wonderful mom Gillian

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