Breugel’s Tazz Take It Away

Mrs Tazz aka my shadow

December 23rd, 2017

Mrs Tazz is out of my Bella x Wally litter of 2015. She lived her first three years in Ontario. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to bring her back home and put her in my breeding program. Thank you Dave and Shelley for all your help. Tazzy loves people, animals especially my daughter’s horse and our crazy chickens. Tazz has decided that I need a body guard as she sticks to me like glue. It’s great until she decides she should accompany me in the shower. She is a very unique Bouvier in that she loves using her voice to tell us how disappointed she is when things don’t go her way. Or when she wants to go for a car ride. She is a very special lady. She may look fat in her photo but that is because she is less then a week away from have 8+ puppies.

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