Fresco-Zilva Off Soeranda’s Home

Mr Jules aka My Pumpkin

December 23rd, 2016–August 18, 2022

Mr Jules was my latest and last Dutch import.  He was out of Nicolas Black Mystic Legend and Zilva-Thesan off Soeranda’s Home.  Jules was a one in a million Bouvier.  He had that sweet disposition and Bouvier intelligence that I love.  Show him how to do something once and he was trained.  What a gentle soul. He loved everyone he met and everyone that met him wanted to take him home.

Unfortunately, due to the CKC Bouvier des Flandres Standard, Jules never saw a show ring.   Why you ask?  The standard calls for a docked tail and Jules came with his tail intact and here in BC, I am unable to dock it.  I strongly agree in NO cropping and docking. And, I look forward to the day when it is banned across Canada and the USA.

My precious Mr. Jules lost his very, very short battle with cancer on Aug 18th.  He died on the operating table.  I want to thank Dr. Brandon Chan of BC Animal Hospital for trying to save him for me.  We both knew it was a long shot, but we were both hoping for a miracle.  Unfortunately, he left us in his sleep, and I will be forever grateful for the short time I had with such a wonderful Bouvier.

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