CAN CH. Palay Blazen Max of Breugel

Mr Blaze aka Snorton Norton

April 4th, 2008 – August 21st, 2017

Blaze was pick male from Gus X Tazz 2008 Litter. Blaze finished his CKC Championship in just 2 shows. His claim to fame thus far was beating the Specials and taking Best of Breed at just 7 months of age. His second show, he took Best of Breed again for two consecutive days at 9 months of age.

A special thanks to Shannon Sheer for expertly showing Blaze through to his CKC championship. This one’s for you, Pat!

Blaze in his retirement took over his mom’s job of protecting us all from our wonderful wildlife. Blaze would not let any of us out of his sight when we were out and about. It was quite amazing how he could come up with one location where he could watch us all at the same time. He was a remarkable dog, and true to that Stoic Bouvier temperament that I love so much.  Mr. Blaze taught my newest Dutch import the ropes on how to protect us prior to his death.  I am forever thankful.

Mr. Blaze’s sudden death hit me like a ton of bricks.  He had a fantastic annual check-up in April and died of heart failure just five months later.  He did not show any signs of being ill until the last few days.  At the time, it just didn’t make any sense.  But now, I do wonder if his grain free diet for all those years was the contributing factor?

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