Breugel’s Juno Beach

Miss Juno aka Little Lady

November 11th, 2017

Miss Juno was my pick female from Bella’s x Jag’s litter of 2017.  She has the sweetest disposition ever.  She loves to rear straight up in the air whenever you ask her if she wants to go outside or when she sees her food dish. She so reminds me of her grandpa Blaze.  This little lady had her first and last litter on Sept 30th, 2020.  Unfortunately, she had to have an emergency c-section and spay.  She is now retired and back with her adopted family. Thank you to Bernice and Derrick for being such wonderful fosters. 

Miss Juno is an exemplary example of what a Bouvier should be.  Unfortunately, she will not be shown due to the fact that the CKC breed standard specifies a docked tail.  it is illegal here in BC to crop and dock. Such a shame she will not earn a conformation title.

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