Palay Sweet Dreams

Miss Tawny aka Tawn Tawn

August 7th, 2002 – September 8th, 2015

Tawny was my very first Bouvier. She was very witty and a little bit of a manipulator. She should have been a retriever, as her favorite pastimes were swimming and fetching whatever you would throw for her. I am quite sure she would have swum the Strait of Georgia had I let her. On her first ferry ride, she almost jumped over the railing to go swimming. Luckily, I caught her by her collar in midair. She was my alpha female, that is until Tazz came into our lives. Tazz was Patricia Groome’s (Palay) alpha female. Needless to say, you can only have one alpha in your home and since I promised Pat on her deathbed that I would look after Tazz, Tawny was rehomed and lived the life of Riley with Rob, Pauline & family in Calgary until her trip to the rainbow bridge just shortly after her 13th birthday. We miss you Tawny!

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