CAN CH Angelbrin’s Turbo Powered

Mr Turbo

July 2nd, 2002 – December 23rd, 2015

Turbo was bred by Joanne Wollman of Angelbrin kennels in Rockyview, Alberta. Joanne and I co-owned Turbo when he came to live with us when he was seven. Which is where he stayed until he was called home just before Christmas at the ripe old age of 13.5!

Turbo loved to go for car rides and would spend the rest of the day, spread-out in the back seat of the car, you couldn’t get him out once he was in! Well, not until you enticed him with food, his first love! I swear he could bounce 4 feet in the air, when his food dish came out. Mr. Turbo you blessed us with some very wonderful puppies and you are sadly missed.

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